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Kaiju/Macro Files: Karla vs Duex-Rex.....I think by ManhattonOctoberfest
Kaiju/Macro Files: Karla vs Duex-Rex.....I think
Subject Profiles: Nikkita, Karla, Godzilla, and Duex-Rex

Report compiled by the agents of the multinational macro and kaiju emergency council

June 3rd, 2013, two months after the first appearance of Godzilla and the first ever appearance of Kaiju since sightings recorded between the 1940's and 1960's. Starting at 7:00 AM California Pacific time, Karla, who is visiting San Francisco, goes for a morning jog. At 6:00 AM Mountain time in Canada, Seismic activity increases in the Rocky Mountains. Reports from hikers and visitors miles from the epic center indicated further increased activity from 7:02 AM to 8:53 AM. At 8:54 AM, The Kaiju now known un-officially as Duex-Rex, appears out the Rockys and begins it's flight downwards towards Montana. At 8:54 AM Mountain time in Sonora Mexico, Another creature of the same species makes it's flight to Arizona causing at least two micro fatalities from the ground Breach. Between 6:02 AM and 6:03 AM in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii, Godzilla breaches the water and makes his advance to San Francisco.

At 12:01, the second contact from Mexico lands in a rocky terrain in Utah. Thirty-seven minutes later, the first contact from Canada lands in the same mountainous area, making contact with the other creature. The one from Mexico was identified as a male, while the one from Canada was confirmed Female. At 1:32 Pacific time in California, Godzilla makes landfall of the Coast of San Francisco. Godzilla holds his position in the waters, not making landfall until much later. Around that time, The first two Contacts make their way to San Francisco, making several stops and encounters with the macro populace. Some of them were aggressive encounters from a state of hunger which resulted in grievous injuries and a few fatalities before both creatures settled in the Sierra Nevada mountains between Nevada and California.

The next day, June 4th, 2013, The Animals fly into San Francisco. The Male and Female land in separate areas of the city after Godzilla eventually surfaces from the water and once again makes his way into the city. Karla and her friend Nikita are amongst many who witness the new creatures make their way into the city. The behavior of the monsters start to change again from docile to aggressive, in what appeared to be territorial dominance. The female Kaiju showed the most aggression to the populace while the male was flying in a constant circular pattern in the air. It is speculated that each pair of this species take roles in territory watch. One patrols the air while the other takes the ground. Many Macro civilians were still in the area when the Kaiju made landfall and were in the path of the two Duex-rex. Karla and Nikita had the most contact with the female on the ground.

Nikita, defending her friend, toppled an un-occupied building on top the female Duex-Rex and wacked it several times on both heads which then aggravated the creature who gave pursuit of both individuals. The pair ran through several streets before the female caught up to both. The Monster grabbed both on their shoulders with it's pincer like beak, making several lacerations on Karla's left, and Nikita's right shoulders. Nikita tried to stab the female in the eye with her free arm and was tossed across several buildings. Karla was on the ground, left to confront the monster on her own until Godzilla appears. He gains the upper hand on the monster until the male comes to the female's distress call. Godzilla is able to hold off the monsters a bit with some difficulty. Witnesses still in the area watch the battle in front of them. The two monsters make several dive bomb and hit-and-run attacks on Godzilla, who manages to land a hit on one of them with his tail. Both creatures continue their assault.

Godzilla forces one into a building, quickly turning it into a ground battle. Godzilla suffers several lacerations from the animal's eagle like talons and hooked beaks, but is able to repel them with Radioactive based attacks. Karla and Nikita are caught in the middle of the three fighting monsters with several others, including an individual by the name of Artie. The monsters are eventually worn down from extensive fighting which Godzilla takes advantage of to wound the female with it's radioactive stream. The female retreats the water with severe burns as Godzilla is distracted by the male. The Male dives in and digs it's talons into him. Godzilla holds the beast in place and gives off several long heat pulse waves to break through it's resistant skin. Godzilla manages to finish it off with two nuclear streams on the chest area, which seems to kill the creature. The female is lying injured in the water and at Godzilla's mercy. He grabs the creature and bites down on it's chest area through it's bones, killing the animal. Godzilla gives off one last roar before falling to the ground from exhaustion and waking up the next day with witnesses alongside Karla and Nikita. Godzilla gives a long curious glance at Nikita and Karla before roaring one last time and retreating back into the ocean.

This was the second encounter with Godzilla and further evidence of more types of macro fauna. Following after this would be a creature described as Ankylosaurus mixed with an Armadillo, later named Anguirus, and several other types of the now termed Ultra-Fauna that had attracted each other. Between 2013 and 2014, many kinds of Ultra-Fauna appeared around the globe, and a united task force with macro agents at the forefront, would be assembled to deal with the new threat of Monsters and their impact on the macro and micro populations.

I am finally frickin done! I should let people know that these Kaiju/Macro files stories are not going to be in order. Think of it as someone doing some digging into secure files and may not find them all in order. I was thinking when I wanted this event to happen. I did not want to start this off with every Kaiju we already knew, I wanted to throw in my own original monsters, so Duex-Rex is one of them. The second Kaiju type to appear and a brand new one for all of us!

So now the characters that appear.........

Karla and Nikita in the story belong to… Artie made a brief cameo. He belongs to… Godzilla is Toho and Legendary Pictures, and Duex-Rex is an original belonging to me.


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